Mini Massage Gun Electric Body Massager for Muscles


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  • Use for: Whole Body Massage
  • Power source: Battery Powered/ Rechargeable
  • Brand: Snailax
  • Colour: Black

The Sunlix mini massage gun electric body massager for muscles is designed to provide you with professional muscle therapy with intimate care and unparalleled portability. It delivers up to 3600 beats per minute at 4 different speed levels, helping relieve muscle aches and stiffness, and leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. This  Massage Gu has 4 interchangeable heads for neck, shoulder, arm, back, thighs, legs, etc., which can meet all your massage needs. It is a great tool for relieving body aches and stress caused by long working hours and difficult muscle-building exercises, improving the feeling of discomfort while sitting.
Noise Free – Snailax Mini Muscle Gu has a brushless motor with the latest noise reduction technology, reducing noise when in use by 44dB. The massager is noise-free for a better sense of physical and mental relaxation without disturbing those around you. Ultra-soothing body massage provides athletes, fitness trainers, and workers a deep massage to help relieve muscle, tendon, and joint pain to reduce lactic acid build-up.


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