Mini Massage Gun Electric Body Massager for Muscles


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  • Use for: Whole Body Massage
  • Power source: Battery Powered/ Rechargeable
  • Brand: Uplayteck
  • Item Weight: 400 Grams
  • Colour: Black

This mini massage gun electric body massager for muscles is equipped with an advanced 1800mAh lithium battery, which can work for 6 hours after 3 hours of full charge, so you don’t need to charge it frequently. In addition, the muscle massager uses a USB TYPE-C charging interface and only requires a charging adapter and a mobile power source to quickly charge the massage gun. It is recommended to use a high-power charging adapter, and fully charge it when the battery is low. Mini Massage Gun has 4 different-shaped professional massage heads to meet the different massage needs of different body parts and different types of muscles. And 6 speeds ranging from 1800 to 3200 rpm, the intensity of each stroke is gradually increased to achieve a more scientifically supported approach to massaging muscle and fascia tissue. 10-15 minutes of automatic shutdown of the timing intelligent protection protects against muscle and machine damage. The deep tissue percussion massager features a high-torque motor, giving you a deep relaxation experience. 35db-45db Low noise design Ultra-quiet percussive massage gun Muscle therapy is available anytime and anywhere. This mini massage gun has two vibration modes. It has a slow, smooth vibration for a gentle massage. The second mode is rapid vibration when pressing on the skin for a stronger massage. Note: The massage gun stops moving when pressed hard, preventing injury.


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