Adjustable Electric Massager Gun for Muscles Pain Relief


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  • Use for: Whole Body Massage
  • Power source: Battery Powered/ Rechargeable
  • Brand: RENPHO
  • Colour: Grey

Professional Intensive adjustable electric massager gun for muscles pain relief provides depth and speed of muscle massage, and can effectively relieve muscle fatigue. R4 massage gun with an easy-grip handle and 5 adjustable angle swivel massage head, you can reach hard-to-reach places without arm strain and wrist strain. You can even reach your upper and middle back, and hold the gun in different directions to massage easily; Save effort.
Well Designed Workout Carrying Bag: Store everything in one bag, easy to carry and keep track of everything. Fascia massage is useful for daily muscle massage at home or in the gym. It comes with 6 massage heads and 4-speed levels to target specific muscle groups and apply the right amount of pressure to relax your muscles.


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