RENPHO Mini Massage Gun Electric Body Massager for Muscles


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  • Use for: Whole Body Massage
  • Power source: Battery Powered/ Rechargeable
  • Brand: RENPHO
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Black

RENPHO Mini Massage Gun Electric Body Massager for Muscles pain relief has a high-quality motor and battery. RENPHO muscle massage gun won’t stop easily when encountering a lot of pressure or resistance. In addition, the use life will be more than 10 times longer than brushed motors, which makes the mini massage gun powerful for a longer time. Lightweight, pocket-sized massage gun – weighing only 450 grams, it can be easily stored and carried anywhere. Bring a deep tissue massage on the go during any everyday situation: at home, traveling, exercising, in the office, etc. The portable size design is easy to carry and really perfect for use anytime and anywhere.
RENPHO Mini Massage Gun is powered by an advanced high-quality 3C Lithium battery. This battery improves the experience by 3 times to improve power output, stable performance, lower temperature, and extend product life.
The RENPHO percussion mini massage gun offers 5 speed levels (maximum 3200rpm) for different massage experiences. The intensity of each stroke is gradually increased to achieve a scientifically supported approach to massaging muscle and fascia tissue.


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